What the missionary say about Brussels

At the end of the last session of our Inter-Franciscan Missionary Program (IFMP) the participants made their recommendations about the program. I publish some of them, without giving names. The question they answered was: “Do you have anything to suggest to the general secretaries of mission?” • Maybe the duration could be prolonged or done in 2 phases so as to avoid rushing or over-feeding. • It’s a pity that such a useful course is attended by such a small group of friars - due to expenses. Maybe it could be given in different locations (continents) to avoid transport expenses and accommodate more friars of the continent... • Ask the mission secretaries of each province of the Order to participate in this program. Make this compulsory. • Suggest secretaries for the missions in different entities who haven’t done a course in missiology to be attending/ to attend the course. it’s enriching for the province’s mission animation. • Introduce sessions on : Public Relations (PR); Communication (Media, website); How to be a missionary in Europe. • If you add some more subjects it would be good: ecumenism, human trafficking, public media introduction. • Topics for the future: one week for mass-media, communication with journalist, make own website, radio, Tv; how to find donations, communication with people who want to help own project. • A good news letter (semiannual or quarterly) of the IFMP be published and distributed among the franciscan Orders, Poor Clares, SFO, Youfra and other interested parties, so that we can promote and inform the missionary spirit of the franciscan family to the whole world. Also invite SFO, Franciscan Sisters, lay missionaries to study here in the IFMP. • All missionaries has to attend the course.