“Go into all the world” - Cantalamessa about evangelization

Br. Raniero Cantalamessa, Capuchin and preacher of the papal household, talks in his Advent mediation before the Pope about Evangelization. In the invitation he describes his intention: “In response to the Supreme Pontiff’s call for a renewed commitment to evangelization and by way of preparation for the 2012 synod of bishops on the same issue, I intend to identify in these Advent meditations four waves of evangelization in the history of the Church, that is, four moments in which we witness an acceleration or a taking up again of the missionary commitment. These are:
1) The spread of Christianity in the first three centuries, until the eve of Constantine’s edict, which is led by, first, the itinerant prophets, and then the bishops;
2) The 6th to 9th centuries in which we witness the re-evangelization of Europe after the Barbarian invasions — evangelization led by the work above all of monks;
3) The 16th century, with the discovery and conversion to Christianity of the peoples of the “New World” — the work above all of friars;
4) The present age, which sees the Church committed to a re-evangelization of the secularized West, with the decisive participation of the laity. In each of these moments I shall attempt to illumine what we can learn in the Church of today: the errors that must be avoided and the examples to be imitated and the specific contribution that pastors, monks, religious of active life and the laity can make to evangelization.”
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Friday December 2nd, 2011 
1st Advent Sermon
First Wave of Evangelization 
La prima ondata di evangelizzazione
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Friday December 9th, 2011
2nd Advent Sermon
The Second Wave of Evangelization
There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free.
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