Bruxelles - Brussels 2008

The French program at Brussels just finished at the end of May.

The five Capuchins participating at the course were:

Br. Damiano ANGELUCCI (Italy), Br. Francis BASANI (India), Br. Grzgorz SWIDERSKI (Polonia), Br. Jacek DYBALA (Polonia), Br. Jean Ndolo MOBENZA (Congo).

Br. Aubert BERTRAND served as the Coordinator on behalf of the Capuchins. He was very much appreciated as valuable resource person by all the participants. Thank you very much for offering your time and your experience!

The next course of our formation program for missionaries will be done in English from 30th August to 23rd November 2008.

The course is meant for all those brothers who are preparing to leave their own culture and to go to a “Mission” (it is applicable also to those going from South India to North India, or those going to Europe). It is not designed for those who go only for a short experience. They should go for some years. The past has shown, that participation was more fruitful for those who had already made an experience in a specific mission area. So we specially invite Missionaries who recently started working in the “Mission”.