Br. Mauro visits Missionary Course

On November 14th the General Minister Br. Mauro visited the Missionary Course in Brussels. 12 friars from the first Order (among them 7 Capuchins) studied and discussed in English the challenges of a Franciscan mission today. The 3-month program started at the beginning of September and ended with a visit to Rome and Assisi. “Transcultural self-perception and perception of the other”, “Franciscan Mission Theology and History”, “Asian and African Culture”, “Mission at the service of the Kingdom of Justice, Peace & Ecology”, “Fraternal economy” and “Leadership” where some of the courses given by Friars from the 1st Order and some lay persons. For the Capuchins, Br. Bill Frigo from the Calvary Province in the US was a member of the steering committee. Br. Mauro Jöhri listened carefully to the experiences of the participants. For most of them it was the first experience of deep reflection about Franciscan mission. “I recognize that I have made many mistakes” one friar said.

The following brothers have participated: Isaac Kalluvettamkuzhil, ofmcap, and Lawrence K. Nadar George, ofmcap (St. Francis Province, Kerala, India, for GHANA), Fernand Winnibold Victor, ofmcap, (Karnataka, India, working in NORTH-EAST INDIA), Kilukkan Laiju, ofmcap, (St. Thomas Province, Kerala, India, working in Malawi), Robert Maxim Nazareth, ofmcap, (Karnataka, India, working in UGANDA), Ewald Nangay, ofmcap, and Benedict Mtena, ofmcap, (Tanzania, working in SOUTH-AFRICA).
Adam Klag, ofmconv, (Poland for UGANDA), Banda Ferdinand Masauso, ofmconv, and Mutale Cornelius, ofmconv, (Zambia), Eufrosino Solibar (YOSI), ofm, (Philippines for MAROCCO), Alfonso P., ofm, (Italy for FAR EAST).

The next course in French will be from February 27 to May 22nd, 2012 in Brussels. (Registrations before December 15th). Next course in English: 3rd September to 27th November 2012.