Brussels Programm for Missionaries started

At the beginning of September the latest session of our Missionary program started at Brussels. 12 friars from the first Order will study and discuss in English the challenges of a Franciscan mission today. The program lasts for 3 months and ends with a visit to the Rome and Assisi. ON September 2nd the 3 General secretaries for Mission from the 1st Order introduced the missionaries to the program and to the situation of the Order. For the Capuchins Br. Bill Frigo from the Calvary Province in the US participates in the steering committee. Br. Mauro Jöhri has announced his visit for November 14th.

The brothers participating are the following: Isac Kalluvettamkuzhil, ofmcap, and Lawrence K. Nadar George, ofmcap (St. Francis Province, Kerala, India, for GHANA), Fernand Winnibold Victor, ofmcap, (Karnataka, India, working in NORTH-EAST INDIA), Kilukkan Laiju, ofmcap, (St. Thomas Province, Kerala, India, working in Malawi), Robert Maxim Nazareth, ofmcap, (Karnataka, India, working in UGANDA), Ewald Nangay, ofmcap, and Benedict Mtena, ofmcap, (Tanzania, working in SOUTH-AFRICA).
Adam Klag, ofmconv, (Poland for UGANDA), Banda Ferdinand Masauso, ofmconv, and Mutale Cornelius, ofmconv, (Zambia), Eufrosino Solibar (YOSI), ofm, (Philippines for MAROCCO), Alfonso P., ofm, (Italy for FAR EAST)