Mission needs to be promoted

Mission Commission meets at Frascati

For the third time the International Commission for Mission met at Rome. From July 12 to 14, the nine members gathered at our friar at Frascati. Main topic was the redaction of guidelines for our missionary activity. The document will help to organize still better our activities and to promote the missionary spirit in the Order.

from the left to the right: Paulus Nag, St. Fidelis, India, Isidor Peterhans, Tanzania, Rector of the Int. College, Larry Webber, Detroit, USA, Marek Przeczewski, Warsaw, Poland, Enzo Canozzi, Genova, Italy, Piotr Komorniczak, Ukraina, Promotore of Solidarity, Helmut Rakowski, Germany, Segr. general for mission, Agapit Mroso, Tanzania, Definitor general, Luiz Carlos Susin, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.