Course for Mission

On September 1st started a new session of our “Course for Mission” in Brussels. The three General secretaries for missionary animation welcomed 11 friars from the 1st Order to reflect until the end of November about our Franciscan mission.
Among the missionaries are three Capuchins from India, called to serve in different parts of Asia.

Br. Bill Frigo from the Calvary Province (USA) represents the Capuchins in the coordination team. He will work together with Br. Vicente Imhof OFMConv (Germany-Peru) and the new appointed team from the OFM. Br. GIANFRANCESCO SISTO (Italy – Kenya) and Br. DIDIER VAN HECKE (France - Belgium). The program includes cultural and academic sessions. It pretends also to be a spiritual process and finishes with a pilgrimage to the Franciscan places in and around Assisi and a guided retreat.

The participants are:
Br. ALUTULI Abraham OFMConv (Zambia), Br. KAYULA Timothy Mpaluka OFMConv (Zambia), Br. KANIYAMPARAMBIL Shaji Mathew OFMConv (India), Br. AROTTAPPURAM NICLOVOSE Vinu OFMConv (India), Br. FRANCIS ASSIS Edwin Monis OFMCap (India) , Br. VELAYAPPILLIL Mathai Paily RENNY OFMCap (India), Br. KATTA Melkiyore OFMCap (India), Br. NERI Giuseppe BEPPE OFM (Italy), Br. BETO Timoteus Titus Petrus OFM (Indonesia), Br. GOLHA Masseo Patrik OFM (Slovakia), Br. KWIATNOWSKI Lukasz OFM (Poland)

(Standing from left to right:) Br. Benjamin, Br. Vincent, Br. Bill, Br. Beppe, Br. Helmut, Br. Abraham, Br. Renny, Br. Beto, Br. Didier, Br. Edwin, Br. Patrik, Br. Massimo, Br. Lukasz.
(First row f.l.t.r.:) Br. Jan Lan, Br. Melkiyore, Br. Timothy, Br. Gianfrancesco.

The coordinators

Visit to Brussels

First session

In the refectory