On the roof of Rome - an evening hosted by Francis Campbell, British Ambassador to the Holy See

At the end of a two years course with the Craighead Institute about "International Leadership" we received the certificates from the British Ambassador at the Holy See. I have "stolen" this Articel from Jane Stranz. On her blog you can find more about this evening.

The Craighead Institute was honoured to have its certificate giving ceremony at the residence of the British Ambassador in Rome this evening. We walked up almost 10 sets of staircases to reach a roof terrace with of course stunning views - this is Rome in June. Ambassador Francis Campbell was very welcoming and gave a good speech about how without religious organisations delivering services to real people at the grassroots, it would almost impossible to achieve the millenium development goals. He also particularly welcomed our group as there were far more women than at the usual receptions hosted at the residence!
Later after we had moved downstairs, the ambassador gave us fascinating insight into the complexity of the issues followed by the British embassay to the Holy See - using diplomacy to push the millenium development goals; the multilateral approach that the posting requires and the growing understanding of the importance of religion in diplomacy and international affairs. A heartening and interesting evening. [more]